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TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

In need of a backpack which will prove to be a reliable companion in the face of heat, cold, wind or wonderful views? We all know that one should possess a hiking backpack with all the right elements; durable, well-balanced, easy to load and must provide comfort too. TETON’s Sports Scout 3400 is a pack that includes a helpful internal frame to support your load and provide an overall comfortable walk through your favorite tracks. cc Features: Has a capacity of 55 liters Includes sleeping bag compartment and side pockets with zippers Includes internal frame Includes twin aluminum stays...

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Mountaintop 65L Internal Frame Water-Resistant Hiking Backpack

Are you into exploring the outdoors with friends and family? On a constant hunt to purchase a good water-resistant hiking backpack to tote all your important stuff in? Then you might want to check out Mountaintop 65L Hiking Backpack. The pack includes all the crucial aspects you need in backpacking and hiking gear like a fully ergonomic design and functional systems where you can keep your personals and, at the same time, protect them from unnecessary damage and demanding activities. Features: Measures 29.5 x 11.8 x 9.1 inches Has a total weight of 4.9 lbs. Has a capacity of...

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Why Sometimes a Light Hiking Backpack is Necessary

Maintaining a light pack weight is essential on a hiking trip, whether it is only a 3-hour long day trip or a trek that will take you days to finish. Carrying a lighter backpack means you are going to enjoy the surroundings and the environment even more. Backpacking the lightweight way is not only for long hikes, it can also be done on short-distance hikes. There is a reason why this is an ongoing trend—packs that are lightweight are super-comfortable and a cinch to carry. The pack holds all heavier essentials used during your hike, ranging from sleeping bags...

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TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

You need a trusty backpack while hiking and camping. It should be able to store all of your important equipment and personal items; must be capable of distributing the load properly and provide comfort during hours of walking. It should be strong enough to contain all that extra weight and should have adjustable parts to accommodate everything that you need during your hiking trips. Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is something that hikers should check out if they are looking for a pack that will get the job done. It’s roomy and packed with features that are normally seen in...

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Mountaintop 50L Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

The perfect hiking backpack will stay strong with you from laidback day hikes to walks that will last for several days. It will be capable of making that task of carrying extra load effortless and fun. A good pack for hiking means is efficient—it will help you hold all of the essentials that you need on the trip, with no excess junk onboard. However, if you are looking for a pack, you have to be aware of the uselessness of additional space.  A roomy pack will mean you might get tempted to throw more stuff in the pack, which...

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