A backpack is an important and essential component of a hiker’s requirements that enables him to easily carry the needed stuff throughout the hike.

Backpacks having volumes between 40-55 liters are sufficient enough for hikes lasting two days but if you are heading for a journey which will require special equipment like climbing harnesses, then you might need a pack having a volume of 60 liters or more.

For a laidback 1-day hike, however, you can settle for something like G4Free 40L Water Resistant Travel Backpack with daypack.


  • 40-liter maximum volume
  • Lightweight and handy; can be folded into a smaller pouch
  • Made of high-quality, water-resistant nylon material
  • Includes adjustable and well-ventilated padded shoulder and strap for added comfort; adjustable to fit both men’s and women’s build
  • Includes main compartment, 2 interior and exterior pouches, 1 front spandex pouch, 2 sports bottle-holders and cushioned backpack strap and chest clip
  • Versatile; can be used as backpack or daypack
  • Unfolded size: 22.8 x 13.4 x 7.8 inches
  • Folded size: 9.4x 7.8 x 3.9 inches
  • 7 ounces’ total weight


This G4Free backpack is designed to provide stability, durability and comfort so hikers can spend minding the wonderful views and the beautiful surrounding, rather than their packs. If not in use, you can always fold it into a self-containing case or pouch to transform it into a handy daypack.

The model makes use of the drawstring lock to secure its contents. This lets users fit more load inside the pack and if they want to create more slack for additional items, they can simply adjust the drawstring; unlike the inflexibility of a zipper, drawstring lock can be modified to fit more payload inside the bag.

The backpack contains a divider and its main compartment is secured with a double-sided pouch which offers extra storage space. It connects securely all over the top of the bag by means of an adjustable strap. This strap can be adjusted –  loosened or tightened as required. The bottom of this backpack model is double-lined to provide added protection to your goods.

The double-sided pouch of the pack can be employed to store smaller things for easier access. Users can also employ the outside pouch to access their needed items faster like cameras, mobile phones or other personal items. For more important items like money and IDs, you can store them in the pouch located inside the pack.

On the backpack’s front part, you will find an open spandex pouch that facilitates quicker access to larger objects. Located on every side of the pack is a holder for your water bottle with individual straps to secure it. The pack comes with a padded strap to ensure comfort plus chest clips to adjust/tighten the pack against your body so it will be more secure and provide additional comfort.

Users who have purchased this item say the pack is lightweight and had a nice design, supplemented by its quality hard-wearing nylon material. It has sufficient space (40 liters) which is good enough to accommodate all your essentials.  According to one user, she was glad that it came with adjustable straps plus the straps were padded too, which was a big help, especially if you are covering plenty of miles.

It can be transformed into a more portable pouch/daypack, which is convenient and can be stored anywhere without taking up too much space. Another user said that its drawstring function was way more useful than the packs with zippers because it can accommodate more stuff.


A few consumers who have used the backpack said that the size of the item was misleading and the kind of material it has was more suited for day hikes. In addition, the pack did not have any sort of opening on its back side to allow a water tube.


If you want something that is good enough for a day hike and can nicely store the needed stuff, this pack is worth the purchase. The features that the G4Free 40L Backpack offers can make your adventure thoroughly enjoyable.  However, if you want something that will provide added utility on longer hikes, you should look for another pack.