You need a trusty backpack while hiking and camping. It should be able to store all of your important equipment and personal items; must be capable of distributing the load properly and provide comfort during hours of walking. It should be strong enough to contain all that extra weight and should have adjustable parts to accommodate everything that you need during your hiking trips.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is something that hikers should check out if they are looking for a pack that will get the job done. It’s roomy and packed with features that are normally seen in high-end packs. For more information about the pack, read the rest of this review and see what others have to say about it.


  • 4,000 cubic inch capacity
  • Internal frame with dual-aluminum stays
  • Adjustable full-length chest and shoulder straps
  • Cushioned shoulder straps, lumbar area and waist belts
  • Water bladder pocket for convenient hydration access
  • Includes vivid yellow rain-fly
  • Individual sleeping pack partition
  • Includes height-adjusting shoulder straps


The pack features harness that can be adjusted to accommodate wearer’s height and is properly-cushioned with half-inch foam padding throughout its shoulder straps. The padding on the hip belt is far thicker though, with its 1-inch foam cushioning. Likewise, the lumbar area is well-padded for maximum comfort. The backpack’s back part is contoured, featuring panel channels with accompanying ventilation airflows to facilitate appropriate air circulation.

The whole bag contains an internal frame which is ideal for holding heavier cargo. Its purpose is to pass the load weight to the pack’s hip belt. It is a sturdy combination of 600-D ripstop and 600-D polyester fabrics. Positioned on the shoulders straps are two D rings and twin holders for the hydration tube.

What makes this a favorite among many hikers is its array of excellent features. It is reasonably-priced, wearing it is a comfort and it is adjustable too. It has the needed volume to accommodate all of your hiking gear and other necessary stuff. Because of its twin aluminum stays, the pack will adjust effortlessly to the contour of the wearer’s back. For added comfort, the model includes adjustable shoulder and torso straps. Key straps and several parts on the pack are padded too, like the shoulder straps, lumbar area and the waist belts.

It comes with an airflow scheme so the wearer won’t feel warm while wearing the pack since this particular system is intended to minimize heat. Furthermore, the model has a ready hydration system so wearers can easily quench their thirst by including a cushioned water bladder holder. This container can take in up to 3 liters of water.

The pack is ready to beat the rain as well since it comes attached with a vivid yellow rain-fly. This model is good for both tall and short individuals because of its height-adjustable straps. There are also additional pockets and tie-offs for hikers who need more space to stash their items.


Many users have criticized the model, saying the pack’s shoulder straps frayed easily. There were also complaints about zippers, its harness adjustment Velcro and buckles that were easily broken.


To sum up, the Explorer 4000 from Teton is a model with a lot of interesting and useful features which you will likewise see on high-end backpacks. Although there were some complaints about it having parts that were easily frayed or broken, there was also positive feedback about it being adjustable so it can accommodate hikers of all built.

The product is easy to use and many users have found it so, thus making it one of the snuggest and comfy backpacks in the market.

The product has all it takes to be a good companion on hikes but just to make sure, you should bring along a few buckles in your pack for good measure.